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Press release


The BioGascogne company is located in Lagraulet-du-Gers, a tiny village in the heart of Armagnac territory.

Its activities involve agricultural production on an area now spanning 2000 hectares and dedicated solely to organic farming.

Claude LACAZE and Nicolas MELIET started their farming business on a few dozen hectares more than 20 years ago.

As part of the perpetual development of its agricultural activities, BioGascogne has built a storage silos exclusively dedicated to biological cereals without gluten and free of allergens.

It has a minimum capacity for 5,000 tonnes of gluten-free cereals, oil and protein seed crops and pulses, all produced from the company’s agricultural network.

BioGascogne is not typical of the agricultural sector in that it has the facilities to combine the means of production, development of crop standards and now storage, allowing it to control all the stages before cereals are processed.

Thus it can ensure full traceability from the field to the end customer.

The ecological impact of this approach removes long transportation between the field and the storage silo since everything is within a 50km range.

This development has enabled the company to operate a quality service incorporating monitoring and control.

In pursuit of maintaining high quality, Mr. MELIET gives his assurance that all the production equipment, sorting and drying processes and even storage involve contact ONLY with gluten-free organic products, thus eliminating any risk of pollution or contamination.

In a move that combines innovation, expertise and common sense, BioGascogne has chosen to devote some of its land to Agroforestry.

This approach, which involves planting rows of trees in cultivated fields, reflects the company’s desire to integrate the maximum ecological environment into its economic activity.

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