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Cold storage

The conservation of grain in organic farming storage cells is a real problem. Indeed, to avoid invasion by insects cereals, companies frequently use products whose use is forbidden in organic farming.

The only way to stop an insect invasion while respecting Bio specifications is to lower the temperature of the cells to 14 ° C. Insects below this threshold no longer develop and the harvest remains healthy.

To cool 5,000 tons of grain quickly, the most known solution is to use a group of energy-intensive electric cooling.

BioGascogne wanted to make its mark once again on this point by reducing its energy consumption and found an alternative that allows it to cool grain and yet consume very little power.

The concept stems from cooling the ambient air through the water from a naturally cold irrigation lake, which is then used to irrigate. So nothing is lost and the system requires very little power to operate pumps.

We can thus guarantee optimal preservation of the harvest and deliver to you no matter what the time of year.