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About us

Farmers since 1984, Claude LACAZE and Nicolas MELIET began the switch to organic production in 1992. The size of the farm grew to 300 ha by 1995 and a decade later, in order to meet local demand, they created an agricultural company specialising in organic farming. This enterprise has enjoyed strong and consistent growth up to this day. It now comprises 2,000 hectares, all devoted to organic farming.

To maintain a permanent ability to meet customer demand and to overcome the lack of bio storage units in the Armagnac region where there are many organic farms, we decided in 2014 to create our own storage silo for the exclusive use of organic production.

This allows us to have control of every stage of the production cycle, right up to the moment when our products leave for the end user.

This means we can provide cereals, oilseed and pulses with full traceability to industry and wholesalers for human consumption.