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Quality commitment charter "BioGascogne"

Certified in organic farming since 1992, Claude LACAZE and Nicolas MELIET have always sought to bring quality agricultural products to market.

Its new status as a storage agency allows BioGascogne to federate its network of producers.

As well as having AB certification, BioGascogne wants to provide its customers with additional safeguards by developing its own specifications.

These include a guarantee of traceability of total agricultural production, from seedling to shipping. This allows at any time to identify the consignments.

The equipment is strictly dedicated to organic production, which significantly reduces the risk of cross contamination.

The rigor required from the beginning for the company’s seed production has allowed its staff to acquire the experience essential to putting new procedures into practice.

In addition, staff is regularly trained and made aware of the company's approach to quality. A Quality Manager ensures compliance with all the procedures laid down.

With a view to strict implementation of its Charter, BioGascogne undertakes to perform regular internal audits, especially on adherence to machinery cleaning procedures, as well as to those on product traceability.

For safety reasons, BioGascogne reserves the right to refuse to sell any product that does not comply with its charter.

Mr MELIET Nicolas et Mme LACAZE Claude.

Signatures de Mr MELIET Nicolas et Mme LACAZE Claude