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Our expertise

Our farm consists of several islands of production of about 80 ha each, on which there is only one crop rotation with a single technical approach, on the same terroir. This gives us homogeneous crops of 300 tonnes with the same characteristics of grading.

And that allows us to provide a commodity with homogeneous characteristics over a long period. In addition, the distance between these islands (a maximum 50km) limits risks related to climate conditions.

Storage in organic farming offers few solutions to fight pests. But thanks to a gas drying and cooling, we are able to guarantee quality products.

Our company is unique in the agricultural world. Indeed, it provides an innovative solution to restructuring the industry by reducing intermediaries, since we work the land, we store and provide all processing steps before selling to manufacturers.

Our production activity allows us to be responsive to your requests. Indeed, we have the possibility of creating for you customised production that can meet your expectations.

BioGascogne - Rotary hoe on soybeans Rotary hoe on soybeans
BioGascogne - Seeder combine Seeder combine

BioGascogne - Quadtrac seeding Quadtrac seeding