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BioGascogne Traceability Policy

Beyond the AB certification, BioGascogne wishes to provide further guarantees to clients by establishing its own set of specifications. The efforts go towards ensuring a total traceability of the agricultural production, from the seeding to the delivery. This enables the identification of a produced series at all time.

The discipline developed through the traditional seed production of the company, practiced over the past 25 years, has provided the expertise key to the application of new procedures.

BioGascogne only uses in-house equipment that is strictly dedicated to the biological production to eliminate all forms of external contamination.

Our farm, spread over 2000 hectares, is 100% devoted to the biological agriculture avoiding the risk of pesticide contamination.

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BioGascogne is committing to rigorously follow its promises by making regular internal audits in particular towards respecting the cleansing procedures of machinery and also product traceability.